Quickest way to copy team members?

Discussion created by vtleogal on Oct 12, 2010
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I am just wondering if there are any alternate ways to copy team members from one project to another other than copy from template (on the project properties page)? Tasks are not desired nor are ETCs; want allocation to "reset" (projects are closing down for first half and a new project is opening for the second part.. same team, etc)

MSP users- I am not well versed in MSP>Clarity-- is there a shortcut using MSP (like saving a copy and removing the tasks and then saving the plan to Clarity to only have resources then show?

Allocation is input by % allocation field..

The copy from template on the properties page brings over project properties (some) and keeps resource allocation, even if I say scale back by -100%, but at least the ETCs are set to 0. and it changes the start /finish date of the project (naturally) and thus affects team member dates)