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How to access a shared network path from GEL ?

Question asked by DevK on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by mmiller6
Hi All,

We are trying to read a CSV file through a GEL script and trying to make updates in Clarity based on CSV data. Currently, we have to place the file from the Shared Network to the App Server and then make the GEL Script access the file by giving the file location as C:\<some_folder>.

Is it possible for GEL to read the file from the shared location directly by giving a network path? I have tried giving the Full network path as the folder location but failed to read the file via GEL.

I am trying to use the below code to read the file -

<gel:formatDate format="MMddyy" stringVar="FileDate"/>

<u:available file="${Defaultdirectory}${file.separator}${Sourcefile}${FileDate}.csv">

<core:set value="${Defaultdirectory}${file.separator}${Sourcefile}${FileDate}.csv" var="Commaseparatedfile"/>

<gel:log level="INFO">The Selected File is ${Commaseparatedfile}</gel:log>


Here ${Defaultdirectory} is the drive location and ${Sourcefile} is the name of the file. The ${FileDate} is just to identify the latest file.

Thanks for the help.