Issue with Xog creating instances of a custom object

Discussion created by Stephen_W on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2010 by fpena
Hi All,

We have created a custom object called "ryder_audit" and have been creating instances of this object with no problems before. We are continually enhancing this object as a "process" in Clarity and have continually added more steps. However just ran into an issue with our latest added step - labeled 'sc7005'.

We have reused the skeleton of the previous 40+steps just fine before, each one with a differenty sql query and emails users accordingly. This process scans our database and querys up a result and should adds it as a row into one of our db tables lets call it "mytable-audit'. However now for some reason after it xogs in successfully and grabs a session ID it doesnt "Write" to the table. I am sure the variables are all being passed fine. It shows up in the email it sends out at the end shows all the variables,sessions and ID's, except it never added the new row into the table. The problem I believe lies in the section of actually trying to write to the DB but that portion of the code is exactly the same over all 40 steps so Im not sure why this one in particular is unable to create a new instance. Any help would be appreciated. I'll attach that section of the code below, one that is working and one that is not.