Importing time into Clarity 12.x

Discussion created by Rimond on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2010 by fpena
Hi All,

I have read a lot about XOGing timesheets in our community and the challange with updating them, I wanted to get you advice if you think the below is possible in Clarity 12.x.

I have another system (CA Service Desk 12.5) that tracks all the time spent by the team on support (Incidents/problems/Request) in Service Desk.
We have created two "Other Work" tasks in Clarity that are ampped to (Incidents/problems/Request), now my task is to automatically move time being charged in Service Desk to Clarity on a daily basis. I have a mapping table that will help me in mapping the users from Service Desk to the users in Clarity.

Since I will be only updating "Other Work", I will need to do the following

1. Reterive the hours for a resource from Service Desk by day.
2. Check if the time sheet already exists for the time period and then update "Other work" if it exists else create a new timesheet.
(From the next day onwards, since Time sheet will be created, I will need to keep updating the existing one with new time being chared in Service Desk)

After reading the posts in our community, I feel that creation is not a big deal using XOG but updating is.
Can you please let me know if you have done something similar or your take on this apporach. I am just getting my feet wet in Calrity and want to make sure this is feasible before I spend more time on this apporach.