CA Clarity Tuesday Tip - Collaboration Managers - Have Multiple!

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Collaboration Managers - Have Multiple!

Have you ever run into a situation where a project manager leaves the organization and then you realize that no one can update that project’s participant list? Below are some good practices that can be followed to minimize the chances of this happening.

In Clarity, when a new project is created, the person who creates the project becomes the Collaboration Manager. Collaboration Managers are the only people who can update the project participant list. There are no security access rights that can be granted that allow someone to become a Collaboration Manager; therefore, to make someone a collaboration manager, an existing project collaboration manager needs to go to the participants page on the project in question and make another participant a collaboration manager.

If there is one collaboration manager on a project, and that person leaves the organization, then that project will not have anyone who can update the participants list. To avoid this situation, ensure that projects have multiple collaboration managers so that there are multiple people who can act as a collaboration manager in the event the main project collaboration manager leaves the organization.

If your organization creates projects from templates, ensure that the templates include multiple collaboration managers. Depending on your organization, the Functional Administrators or the PMO team members can all be collaboration managers on the templates which will make them collaboration managers on all projects created from the templates.

Have a policy that all projects created need to have a predefined set of people as collaboration managers. Then have a process where the PMO or another group of people are responsible for reviewing the setup of all projects. Part of the review would be to verify that the collaboration managers are appropriately defined on the project. If the collaboration managers are not appropriately defined the current collaboration manager should be contacted and asked to make the necessary updates.