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Upgrade SQL 2005 to SQL 2008

Question asked by jpereza on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2013 by jpereza
Hi guys,

Currently in our company we have doing tests because we need migrate to 12.0 SP6 to 13.1

Our new application server currently have:
- Windows 2008 Enterprise
- Clarity 12.0 SP6

I know that 12.0 is unsupported to running in Windows 2008, but I think that is normal, because is the only way to restore our production database in the clarity version.

Our new database server have:
- Windows 2008 Enterprise
- SQL 2005

In this moment news server is running with production data, because I said our current prod environment is 12.0 SP6

New server have production data using SQL 2005, however in this point I have a doubt:

Before to run install.bat of 12.1 / 13.1. I must:

- Upgrade Java / Tomcat
- Upgrade SQL 2005 to 2008

I think that Java / Tomcat maybe is more easy, However I'm not sure about SQL Upgrade.

Does anyone say me the correct procedure to perform Upgrade SQL?
The above task have any risk / impact?
Some key point / tip?

Finally, what do you think to go directly from 12.0 SP6 to 13.1?, do you think that is better go to 12.1 and then 13.1?

I saw that both are supported path to go 13.1 from (12.0.x any SP / 12.1)

Pelase advice,
Thanks guys,

Juan P.