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Discussion created by thomas_roesner_itd on Mar 14, 2013
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Hello everyone,

do you still remember when you first worked with Open Workbench? Did someone actually take the time to introduce you to the program properly or did you have to figure it out yourself? Do you still happen to come across some functionality you didn't know existed, even after years of use?

We at itdesign noticed that a lot of users of Open Workbench have the same problems and questions when creating or controlling a project schedule for the first time. While we offered professional course workshops (in person or remote) for some time now, there were a lot of users who simply didn't have the budget or time to participate for one or two whole days, yet they'd still benefit greatly from at least some entry level training so they know their way around the interface and functionality and can use the not so obvious shortcuts to the important dialogs and settings.

So what we did was create a new website dedicated to OWB courses, where everyone can watch and participate in prerecorded screen casts that show you a lot of basic and advanced functionality in easily understood units. And to wet your appetite, the first one is free!

In this introductory course, users learn to install the program, change some basic settings, create a simple WBS and while they're at it, what everything does in the interface and why it's there. At about 30 minutes run time, and with a small quiz at the end, it is a great way to train new users and make their first OWB experience a pleasant one, and even seasoned users may pick up the odd feature they didn't know about.

Also on the page you'll see the first of our advanced modules, Professional Project Planning, where you get one hour of extended OWB knowledge for only 79,99 €. It uses the free extended OWB views from our homepage and tells you everything there is to know about the planning tab of the views library.

In one to two months there will be the next module about project realization and controlling, followed by one about the interactions between OWB and Clarity and one that shows you how to customize the way OWB displays your data to fit your every need.

Summary: Do your new users (and yourself) a favor and put them in front of the free introductory course on our new course homepage: they'll have a much smoother entry into the world of OWB project scheduling!