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Crystal Command Object

Question asked by josephtauro on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2013 by navzjoshi00

I am having problems running reports from clarity using the Crystal command object (SQL).

I have a simple query select id,name from inv_invesments where rownum < 10

I have uploaded the report to the cmc.

when I run the report I get the error.

An error occurred at the server : The object you are trying to access (ID = 128443) has type CrystalEnterprise.Report. The Page Server only supports objects of type CrystalEnterprise.Report. Please select a different object.

So my questions are as follows

1) For an sql command object how does clarity run the report. i.e How does clarity get the username and password to run the report?

2) The following setting is used in CMC
The Datasource(s) is set to niku as that is used in the report.
Use original database logon information from the report is checked.
The server is niku

When viewing report:
Prompt the user for database logon is checked


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