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Mismatch in task status between Gantt and Organizer task

Question asked by AbdulSalam1313830 on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2013 by AbdulSalam1313830
I have couple of task in my project and % Complete Calculation Method set to 'Manual' for the project.Now I go to task(which is not a milestone) tab under my project and change the % complete as 1.00 so the status of the task
gets changes to 'Started' but the issue is when i go to my home->organizer-> task, there that task is still shows as[b] 'Not Started'.

This works fine if I change % Complete Calculation Method to 'Effort' and charge my time via timesheet.But user wants it to be manual.

So please help me know why this mismatch between task in project and organizer-> task and how to fix this?