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Crystal Report Execution error RPT-0007

Question asked by info_tel on Mar 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by info_tel

I have a very strange issue happening with my Crystal report. As it always is, the report works perfectly fine when it is run from the Crystal designer but fails to run when it is run from Clarity.

We are trying to build a custom Gantt chart report using the PRTASK table in my report and have created formula around the date fields. The report works fine from Clarity when I use the PRFINISH date in the formula, however when the PRSTART date is used, the report never executes and I get the error RPT-0007: Specified report did not execute properly.

The error that I get from the Infoview --> Report --> (right click) History --> Failed Status --> Error message is "Object failed to run due to an error while processing on the Job server"

I'm attaching the formula that we are using in the report for reference. Any help on getting this issue resolved would be greatly appreciated.