CA Clarity Tuesday Tip - When to use the 'Publish' button

Discussion created by Kathryn_Ellis Employee on Mar 19, 2013
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When should you use the 'Publish' button?

When you are updating an Object List View or Filter View, the 'Publish' button will push out changes to end-users.
If you are working on these changes and your login does not have personalizations to the List View, you will see the changes immediately.
If you already have personalizations on the List View, using the 'Publish' button will remove personalizations for all end-users.
There is an option to publish only one view at a time, by going into Administration > Views - select/check the desired view and click 'Publish' button. This will allow the Clarity Administrator the flexibility to only publish (remove personalizations) on only one view within the Object.

If you are only modifying a 'property' page, such as a [Layout:Create] or [Layout:Edit], the 'Publish' button is not needed. Updates to property pages are immediate and do not require 'publishing' because end-users cannot create personalizations on these pages.

Also, 'Publish' is available for Portlets and works in the same manner. If the end-user does not already have personalizations on a portlet, the updates to the portlet are immediately observed. Using the 'Publish' button will cause the removal of the personalizations for all end-users.

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