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Deactivate Department and Location

Question asked by CindyK on Mar 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2014 by Kathryn_Ellis
We are in the process of restructing the financial department and location OBS. We do want to keep the same entity. The steps that I have identified thus far is as follows:
1. Create new location
2. Create new departments and associate with appropriate location (we will only have one)
3. Associate resources to the their new location and department.
4. Associate all investment objects to the new location and department.
5. Delete/deactivate old location and department

I understand that there is data on WIP tables that would contain this data.

s there any way to deactivate the old location and department? When I have tested these steps, I always get the error message when I try to delete the old "Error" Some locations and departments can not be disassociated because they are assigned to resources, investments, or are referenced on a transaction." I could not find an option to deactivate.

I was hoping to not have the values that we no longer want to use show up in the browse when users select the location or department.

I greatly appreciate any assistance anyone can provide how possible solutions.

Thank you,