CA DataMinder Tuesday Tip: Excluding Outlook Out of Office Messages.

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Excluding MS Outlook Out of Office Messages from CA DataMinder (DLP) Policy analysis via a Data Lookup posted by Andrew Devine Snr. support Engineer 26 March 2013

A Data Lookup command is an individual setting within an email trigger and is available for email capture and control triggers. The command itself specifies one or more tests. Each test is a True or False statement that relates to an email characteristic.

Such a command can be applied to exclude MS Outlook Out of Office Messages from Policy analysis. This can be either as a simple command as below

NOT (msgattr WHERE messageclass IS "IPM.Note.Rules*")

or used as part of a more complex data lookup (example below)

(Userattr with any %senderalias% where City is "NY") AND
(NOT (msgattr WHERE messageclass IS "IPM.Note.Rules*"))

For more information on Data Lookup please refer to CA DataMinder r14.1 Policy Guide (DLP_Policy_ENU.pdf) which is available to download from the DataMinder Bookshelf on the CA Support Portal(