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Bulk Resource remove on project/ task zero actuals

Question asked by brendanj1 on Mar 26, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2013 by Awadhesh.D
Hi, I find myself with a situation which is the results of 'some' projects not necessarity being managed as succintly as Clarity requires. We have a v large number of projects (100s+++) where most/ all resources, usually assigned to the standard single effort task, also have never booked any time against the relevant project, hence zero actuals, but as none of these tasks/ proejcts have ever been closed for time entry, set completed or made inactive it is resulting in a typical user trying to load 950 projects/ effort tasks into a regular timesheet, each and every week and Clarity is having some difficulty handling this. The outcome is a timesheet may not load at all and if it does we're looking at many minutes to compllete.

My aim in the short term is to identify all these projects with zero actauls (using NBI_PRT_FCTS, or one of the other datamarts linked to inv_investments etc) but then ideally, from here, I'm looking at being able to bulk remove all of these unnecessary res tasks and then close down the project. The last phase I'll do through xog so I'm not that phased on this element. Any suggestions on the bulk remove bit, I could ask the PMs but... I'm on 12.1.0 using Orcale 11g

Thanks for any assistance as this issue goes back to 2008 and could be a challenge