How to set the conditions in operator.

Discussion created by maheshk on Mar 28, 2013
Hi Friends,

I need to execute one workflow in PAM, the scenario is first the workflow will select a ticket from SD then it will come to SOAP one third party WFMS ticketing tool there it will search the selected ticket from SD if the ticket is available then it should move to next step else it should fail. But here it selecting the ticket from SD then it start searching in SOAP and if the ticket is not available in SOAP also it giving success and moving to next phase, only difference is if the ticket is available it returning null value in operation results else it returning SoapResponseBody is false. So i need to set a condition here (i.e) if it returns the value false then the process should failed, so please suggest me how to set the condition either in Post Execution code or Custom Result operator.

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