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Resource allocation weekly view is not showing data.

Question asked by AbdulSalam1313830 on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by urmas
I am using Clarity 13.1 and the issue I have is for few of my Resource when i go to Allocation->Detail tab and if the Time-scaled is set to "Month" i can see the hours but moment i change that to "week", hours are not there.So may I know why its behaving like this.
Note:User is been assigned to many invetments and one of these is of "Other work" type as well for which
allocation start-1/1/11
allocation finsh-4/30/14
allocation 2220.92
Role- is not assigned
and for this "Aollocation by period" for "Mar 13" there is no hours it shows but for rest of the investments it shows hours in monthly view but not in weekly view for that same month.