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CA Cross-Enterprise APM Agent 9.1.1 -- Where's the Agent?

Question asked by JKW on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2013 by VLu
Has anyone loaded the CA Cross-Enteprise APM Agent 9.1.1 Agent on the Mainframe to pull in Sysview metrics?

We are in the process of installing the agent, but we are trying to locate the agent.

The CA Cross-Enterprise Application Performance Management guide, Release 9.1.1 indicates the following:
(Page 38)
Follow these steps:
1. Download the 2000007C400.pax.Z file (listed as CA Cross-Enterprise APM EXT Z/OS-ESD) from the CA APM software download site into the USS path of your choosing.
2. Unpax the ESD file /path/2000007C400.pax.Z into directory /path/2000007C400 using the following sample batch JCL:

However, when looking at the downloadable products, there is nothing listed as "CA Cross-Enterprise APM EXT Z/OS-ESD".

There is a "CA Cross-Enterprise Application Performance Management for Distributed - MVS" listing, but the APM Agent is an older 9.0 agent and does not include the 2000007C400.pax.Z file.

Has anyone installed the 2000007C400.pax.Z and can tell me where it's located.

Thanks in advance.