CA APM 9.1.6 Service Pack GA Announcement

Discussion created by Chaitan_Shet Employee on Apr 1, 2013
Dear Customers,

We are happy to announce that the CA APM 9.1.6 Service Pack is now officially GA and is available for download from CA Support Online (CSO).

Here is a quick briefing about this service pack:

Is a cumulative package that includes all the fixes that were part of CA APM (September 2012), APM 9.1.2 (October 2012), APM 9.1.4 (December 2012) and APM 9.1.5 (Feb 2013)

9.1.6 agents are certified for compatibility with EM versions, 9.1.2, 9.1.4 and 9.1.5.

Traditional Chinese language (localization) support is added in this release.

9.1.6 EM is backward compatible with pre-9.1.6 agents

Around 120 critical customer reported issues and internal defects addressed

Please refer the APM 9.1.6 Readme for more details. All the relevant documentation is available for download on CA Support Online site.

Critical Fixes

Around 120 fixes to customer reported issues and internal defects across all components have been addressed in CA APM 9.1.6 Service Pack. Since this service pack is cumulative of CA APM, CA APM 9.1.2,CA APM 9.1.4 and CA APM 9.1.5 service packs, it contains all the fixes included in those service packs as well.


There is no new documentation bookshelf with this service pack release. Only the Readme document has been updated. Hence customers will be able to see only the documentation bookshelf on the CSO site and in the IntroscopeHelp.war.

Multi-Port Monitor CentOS TIM

The CentOS TIM on MTP image is also made available on CSO download.

Chaitan Shet
CA APM Product Management