CA DataMinder (DLP) Tuesday Tip: New Features in CA DataMinder r14.5.

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New Features in CA DataMinder r14.5 posted by Andrew Devine Snr. support Engineer 02 April 2013.

Further to the] announcement on the GA (General Availablility) release if CA DataMinder r14.5, please find below a list of the new marquee features.

Integration with File Sync Providers.

CA DataMinder has extended its Data In Use protection capabilities and can now prevent unauthorized file syncing. By default, CA DataMinder can apply policy to files being synced to:

■ Box
■ DropBox
■ Google Drive
■ Microsoft SkyDrive

NBA Supports IPv6 Networks.

CA DataMinder Network can now decode traffic within IPv6 networks. IPv6 is the latest revision of the Internet Protocol (IP) that uses 128-bit addresses.

Decryption of Voltage Emails.

CA DataMinder can detect, analyze, and apply policy to emails encrypted by Voltage SecureMail.

Client Network Agent.

CA DataMinder release includes the Client Network Agent. You can use the Client Network Agent (or 'network agent') to control web activity on endpoint computers. Specifically, the network agent can monitor HTTP requests. This activity includes attempts to post files and comments to web sites or to submit form data. It can also monitor attempts to check in files to SharePoint libraries.

Simplified Configuration for the Data Warehouse.

You can now configure the Data Warehouse in the Administration console. For example, you can:

■ Enable or disable the Data Warehouse.
■ Enable or disable the collection of event participant data. (You must collect event participant data if you intend to run BusinessObjects reports.)
■ Configure the initial processing job that populates the data warehouse with event and audit data.
■ Configure off-peak processing jobs.
You can also use the Administration console to add or modify credentials for the Reporting User database account.

New Administration Features for iConsole.

The iConsole now supports extra administration features:

User Administration - You can now use the iConsole to update account details for CA DataMinder users. For example, you can assign users to a new role or change their security model. You can also create new user accounts. For example, this is useful if you want to create additional Administrator or Reviewer accounts that are not linked to actual users in your organization.

BusinessObjects Enterprise Integration Setup - The BOE Integration component enables the iConsole to log on to BusinessObjects Enterprise and retrieve available BusinessObjects reports for CA DataMinder. You can now configure this component directly from the iConsole.

FSA Database Scanning Enhancements.

FSA database scanning has been improved to be row and column aware. The analysis has been improved to find information sets (for example, firstname + last name + SSN) across the same row, instead of across all rows, which lowers the number of false positives. You as the DBA can now trace back violations by their primary key in the iConsole, and the iConsole highlights rows that matched, so you can find them more easily.

Other New Features

New Security Model: Policy (All Events, Restricted Triggers)

User Policies Export - You can now export user policies to a human-readable spreadsheet by running a wgninfra.exe command, or from the File, Export Policy Blueprint menu in the User Policy Editor.

Support for regional archives - CA DataMinder supports multiple unconnected email archive instances on a single Central Management Server. If your enterprise has separate installations of the same email archive in multiple geographic regions, it is now possible to segregate the events from these onto a single CMS so that the Remote Data Manager can retrieve historic emails from the correct archive installation.

DataMinder Support with;
Windows Server 2012.
Windows 8.
Exchange Server 2013.
Outlook 2013.
Office 2013.
SharePoint 2013.
CA Business Intelligence 3.3

For more information on please refer toCA DataMinder r14.5 Bookshelf which can be downloaded from the CA Support Portal (