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Install guide needs update

Question asked by another_martink on Apr 3, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2013 by Celita_Lott
v13.1. install guide says

Multiple Application or Background Service Instances
Best Practice: If you are using big-iron machines with free gigabytes of physical memory,
run multiple CA Clarity Application (app) and CA Clarity Background (bg) service
instances on those.
From CA Clarity PPM perspective, it is no different than running services on two
different machines. This ensures that you can use the full power of a machine, with the
benefits of increased performance and reliability that come from multiple services.
If you are using the Generic J2EE option, you can deploy the CA Clarity PPM EAR to any
additional servers using the vendor’s administration console.
Clarity System Administration makes multiple instances easy by providing a Clone
action. This creates a copy of the desired app or bg service with incremented, available
ports and service names to avoid collisions.
See the Administration Guide for more information.

However, in v12.1 and there after the admin guide only covers what can be done in Clarity GUI and everything done on command line and in NSA/CSA have been dropped from that guide.

Martti K.

Is that a documentation bug?