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Database Persistent Collection - frequency vs performance??

Question asked by dolo on Apr 4, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2013 by dolo

Thanks again for helping me get the SQL collections setup for APM. Since enabling, Harvest Capacity has soared, even though we aren't writing much to SQL (see below). It current, I have the the following property set to 300 seconds. Would it make more sense to actually set it to 15 seconds? My thought process is that at 15 seconds it would just be writing metric data from memory and performing no calculations, while at 300 seconds it would have to calculate an average from 20 data points for the requested data. Any validity to my thoughts?


Only the following are enabled (less than 50 agents)

introscope.enterprisemanager.database.collection1.metricExpression=GC Heap:Bytes In Use
introscope.enterprisemanager.database.collection2.metricExpression=GC Heap:Bytes Total
introscope.enterprisemanager.database.collection3.metricExpression=CPU:Utilization % \\(process\\)