What you may have missed in the Security Distributed Community! 4-8-13

Discussion created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Apr 8, 2013
[font=Arial]Dear Security Community Member,

I have consolidated some more recent activities in case you have missed anything.

In the Tuesday Tips Sections (Subscribe if you wish to have notification of future Tuesday Tips) -


VIDEO: How to stop/start Dxserver under UARM SSH console (TEC588299)

CA ControlMinder -

CA ControlMinder 12.6.02 FAQ (TEC588300)

CA DataMinder -

iConsole shortcut keys

Overview of Common Machine Policies

Excluding Outlook Out of Office Messages

New Features in CA DataMinder r14.5

CA GovernanceMinder -

Restricting permissions on users to view only campaigns for a specific universe

RCM Debug Page for Troubleshooting

CA IdentityMinder -

Why getting two approval tasks for the same approval?

ALERT! .NET 1.1 required for BOE 3.1

Fix Reports that are getting stuck in a pending state

Configure Logging for CA IAM CS in IDM12.6.1

Report Server Comparability Matrix Defined!

CA SiteMinder -

How the SiteMinder Webagent encode & decode URLs

SiteMinder R12.5 Certificate Data Store and Logging

SiteMinder with Oracle RAC for Policy Store

SiteMinder 12.51 ("twelve-dot-fifty-one")

Why are cookies saved if I close a tab but keep the browser open?

Other News -

General Availability for CA DataMinder 14.5

CA AuthMinder 7.1 Generally Available

CA RiskMinder 3.1 Generally Available

The CloudMinder 1.1 public announcement is out!

Announcing CA Controlminder Release 12.7.00

General Availability Announcement for CA IdentityMinder r12.5 SP15

If you missed the CA Security Community Webcast from Feb. 13, 2013, you can check out the replays. Topic - Identity in the Cloud - [url=]Streaming recording link and Download recording link

Check out the Security Products Support Wiki if you haven't already! It's full of great Security product knowledge!

Don't forget CA Security Community Members get a $200 discount when they register through the Security Community Welcome Page.

That's it for now folks but I'm sure there will be a lot more soon! Take a moment to get on the message boards and make your voice heard!


Chris Hackett
CA Technologies
Principal, Community Programs[font]