BG Error: performance.PerformanceMonitor: Mismatch in timing element stack

Discussion created by senthi on Apr 9, 2013
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"performance.PerformanceMonitor: Mismatch in timing element stack" error is capture in the bg log after upgraded from 12.1.3 to 13.1.

The below workaround to bypass this error message


CLRT-69102 - Error: "performance.PerformanceMonitor: Mismatch in timing element stack" reported in bg-ca.and app-ca logs.

These are messages are only useful for development to ensure that actions are properly wrapped in a timing element for performance tracking; they should not affect Clarity performance.

This defect has been fixed in v 13.2. If you would like, you can perform the following workaround to bypass this error message.

You can add a logging category to
"com.niku.union.performance.PerformanceMonitor "
and set it to a priority of Fatal by completing the following:

1. Log into Clarity System Administration application (CSA)

2. Navigate to the Server > Logs > Edit Configuration page

3. Scroll up the page to the 'Categories' section.

4. Click 'ADD CATEGORY' button : this will create a new line item at the end of the Categories list with 'com.niku' as the Category Name

5. Update this line item with the following details:

Name = you can enter any name
Other Name= com.niku.union.performance.PerformanceMonitor
Appender = STDOUT
Priority = Fatal
Additive = leave it Blank


Restart all the services.