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GEL XOG - Output

Question asked by Lowell on Apr 9, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2013 by Dave
How do I get the entire "XOG Output" when I XOG using GEL?

I want to get:

<XOGOutput xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../xsd/status.xsd">
<Object type="contentPack"/>
<Status elapsedTime="3.516 seconds" state="SUCCESS"/>
<Statistics failureRecords="0" insertedRecords="1" totalNumberOfRecords="2" updatedRecords="0"/>

The only syntax I have so far is for pulling a few individual items, but not the "whole message".

<gel:set asString="true"
select="$result/SOAP-ENV:Envelope/SOAP-ENV:Body/XOGOutput/ErrorInformation/Severity/text()" var="errorLevel"/>
<gel:set asString="true"
select="$result/SOAP-ENV:Envelope/SOAP-ENV:Body/XOGOutput/ErrorInformation/Description/text()" var="errorDesc"/>
<gel:log level="${errorLevel}">${errorDesc}</gel:log>
<gel:set asString="true"
select="$result/SOAP-ENV:Envelope/SOAP-ENV:Body/XOGOutput/Status/@state" var="xogStatus"/>
<gel:set asString="true"
select="$result/SOAP-ENV:Envelope/SOAP-ENV:Body/XOGOutput/Statistics/@insertedRecords" var="inserted"/>
<gel:set asString="true"
select="$result/SOAP-ENV:Envelope/SOAP-ENV:Body/XOGOutput/Statistics/@updatedRecords" var="updated"/>

The issue: When there is an error that is not severe, it prevents a write, but doesn't show up as an error. I need to get the "whole message" as you get from running a manual XOG.