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Error 401 When Configuring Filter Portlet

Question asked by Owen_R on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2013 by Ryan.Erlandsen
My users are reporting error 401 ("You are not authorized to view the page) when clicking the More | Configure option on a page-level filter portlet which is displayed as a toolbar. Same when displayed as a section too.

There's no entry in any of the logs. This is on Clarity 12.0.6.

It works fine for me with my admin account so it's obviously security related. User have the right to see the portlet and it all displays correctly. The simple workaround is to tell them not to click Configure but I would ideally like to remove the Configure option from this portlet entirely but there's no option for that either :mad:

I can't find any reference to anything similar in Support, anybody else come across this one?