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Report refresh: Causing problems!

Question asked by paritosh.hebbal on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2013 by paritosh.hebbal

1. I created a report in Crystal, using a Stored Procedure, with 4 parameters.
2. Saved it in BO CMS.
3. I created the same, passing the executable names, parameter bind names etc in Clarity 13.1.
4.Opened the report, passed the mandatory value for one parameter (the rest are optional), clicked on Submit.
5.Another IE window opened.

The issue:
As soon as the report window opens, NO value, I repeat- No values can be seen on the report, except for the Column values, borders, names etc.
I click 'Refresh', it prompts me to give parameter values (like in Crystal) and when I run it, all the values are displayed.

This happens everytime I run the report.
How do I change the settings etc, to make sure I dont have to refresh when the report is 'submit'ted?

Its kind of an urgent issue.

Thank you..