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Anyone here on v9.1.4? I have a CEM question for you.

Question asked by VLu on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2013 by VLu

I installed v9.1.4 on two environments and CEM daily aggregation failed on both environments. I don't have CEM historical date for daily, weekly or monthly. If anyone here on v9.1.4, I would like to know if you're facing the same issue.

I reviewed the EM, running the CEM services, logs on both environments. I found one thing in common. It appears the Daily Aggregation abruptly ended with a warning.

4/10/13 12:02:00.196 AM EDT [INFO] [DailyAggregation.Thread1] [] Stats partition ts_st_tu_us_dly_20130411 created
4/10/13 12:02:00.204 AM EDT [INFO] [DailyAggregation.Thread1] [] Creating stats partition ts_st_tu_usgrp_dly_20130411
4/10/13 12:02:00.222 AM EDT [INFO] [DailyAggregation.Thread1] [] Stats partition ts_st_tu_usgrp_dly_20130411 created
[color=#ffffff]4/10/13 12:02:00.238 AM EDT [WARN] [DailyAggregation.Thread1] [] Bad rows processed: ''[color]
4/10/13 12:02:03.849 AM EDT [INFO] [TimPollThreadPool.Thread23] [] File 'FRTIM04-login-13655665230000198625.xml-enc' read, length=3040
4/10/13 12:02:04.530 AM EDT [INFO] [TimPollThreadPool.Thread24] [] File 'FRTIM04-btstats-2013-04-10-04:02:02.xml' read, length=7470
4/10/13 12:02:04.534 AM EDT [INFO] [TimPollThreadPool.Thread24] [] File 'FRTIM04-btstats-2013-04-10-04:02:09.xml' read, length=8236

I'm open to any suggestion/advise. Thanks.