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Creating a series of Portlets to display security rights

Question asked by e_martin on Apr 12, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2013 by another_martink
I've been tasked with creating a series of Portlets that will help in idendifying what rights users and groups have, at all levels, OBS, Global and Instance Rights.

Essentially we want one page with 3 portlets, one portlet where you can enter a User ID and see what groups they belong to, another portlet on the page or different tab where you can select the group and it will display what OBS, Global or Instance rights are assigned to the group, and another that you can enter the User ID and see what rights that are assigned to them by the OBS, Global and Instance level.

I've found a lot of the tables and their associations but I can't seem to find everything I'm looking at.


I am very novice in the database side and since it's security I've been stumbling around since everything uses ID's and it's kind of hard to find all the relationships.

Is there another table I'm missing because I can't seem to find the Instance Level Rights, other than that I think I've found everything else. Any help identifying would be great.