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Can action item comments made by approver be seen by requestor

Question asked by rocker on Apr 14, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2013 by navzjoshi00
We are having an idea approval and conversion process ( same as idea approval OOTB process)
This process has start even as "Update" and start condition as when idea is submitted for approval.
When the requestor submits the idea for approval process starts.
action item goes to level 1 approver. Level 1 approver may also mark the idea as incomplete and ask the idea originating requestor to provide additional information.
My question is , do we have any way by which the level 1 approver may specify some comments in the action item which the requestor can see and understand why his idea has been marked as incomplete by level 1 approver.
We have a notes section in the action item which does allow us give our comments. But comments entered in the notes section of Action Item by level 1 approver are not visible to the requestor. (naturally as he is receiving a different action item)

So please tell me any way by which comments given by level 1 approver (and vice versa) be seen by requestor in the action item iteslf .

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