Can I use PAM to connect to web services when no wsdl exists?

Discussion created by Andy_Thompson Employee on Apr 16, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by Hanoe
In the CA Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure Management product, there is not URL accessible wsdl which makes it difficult to know what to fill in the ITPAM soap operator.

If you can access the web services via SoapUI and see that they work, you should be able to extract the needed info from Soap UI to make this work in ITPAM.

In the case of CA VAIM, we connected in SoapUI and saw that it worked. Then in the request we clicked on the "raw" tab which shows more details about the request. For this example, the "Action" was set to the following value:

We plugged that value into the soap operator in ITPAM under the field called "Method Name" and this allowed ITPAM to make the web service call.