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LISA internal DB access

Question asked by Nickunj on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2018 by PanditiAvinash
Dear Lisa Community,

Good Afternoon.
I am a LISA user at country representative partner of CA at Malaysia.
I wish to access the tables inside the Internal Apache Derby Database
For CA LISA. The reason for doing that is I want to monitor transaction
Counts and virtual services name for my VSE environment. Could someone please
Suggest a method such as using a db client or internal LISA SQL console to
Access the DB? If yes, what credentials do I use for a typical Apache Derby access.
I know the following on the basis of LISA documentation 6.1:

DB User: rpt
DB password: can be reset in properties file
DB port: 1528

Please suggest how I can access the db data in form of tables and values through some
Client or db connection library for displaying the information on php or jsp pages

Nikunj Mahesh Jain
Project Delivery Consultant | APM & LISA
CA IT Infrastructure Solutions Sdn Bhd