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Logic behind the calculation of PRACTSUM of Prassignment table

Question asked by PrabhuRVP on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2013 by another_martink
I have two tasks in a project namely Task-A and Task-B . Each task has an assignment.

Task-A has Prabhu (Labor Resource and Active) as an assignment

Task-B has Vinod (Labor Resource and Active) as an assignment

I have posted 10 hours as actuals on Task-A for the resource Prabhu.

In Timesheet, I can see the actuals 10 for the resource Prabhu on Task-A. In Timeentry , the sum(practsum/3600) = 10 hours and in WIP also the sum(quantity) = 10.

But in the assignment the sum(practsum/3600) = 0 for the resource Prabhu on Task-A and slices value also 0.

I am experiencing a new issue that I didnt faced till. In Assignment table for the resource Vinod on Task-B, the sum(practsum/3600) = 16 . This assignment dont have any Timesheets posted as well as no data WIP.

I didnt opened the project in OWB or MSP. I didnt changed TrackMode.

Our Clarity fix pack is 'Version/Build - FP00.22 006'.

We are running Timeslices job for every 5 minutes.

I like to know the technical logic behind the Calculation of practsum of prassignment ,
how the prassignment.practcurve is related for the calculation of practsum ?
How prassignment.practcurve gets values and where it is stored?
What are all the ways that practsum of prassignment gets updated?

Please help me knowing the above mentioned information

many thanks in advance