Web agent Integration

Discussion created by tom21.21 on Apr 18, 2013
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Hi all, hoping to get some insight from you all on the scenario and maybe you can help me decide best possible scenario to use.

Policy server and adminui are controlled by another organization and very strict rules apply to making changes to these two things. It is a process to go through to get anything done on them. I do believe anything will be allowed to be installed on the policy server.

Scenario is this:

Single sign on is needed to occur from the policy server into our application which is going to be a Peoplesoft Portal running on a Weblogic 11g web server. The user is going to authenticate at the main site which I do not have any control over and then needs to have single sign on into our Peoplesoft portal which will just be a link on the main sites web page. We need to use the two factor authentication scheme (CAC / PIN) that has been aquired by the main site and sent to the policy server.

What web agents would you choose to set up to allow access to our people soft portal? Would you use the Weblogic web agent or would you use the Tier 2 People Soft ERP agent. I am unsure with the people soft if we could use the session linker because I believe with that something needs to be installed on the policy server which probably will not happen. Also on top of that, we need the Web agent to be able to either send the user to the People soft portal or send them to Identity Minder if certain conditions are present with their authentication determined at the policy server.

Let me know if anyone can provide some insight, I would greatly appreciate it. I will update with answers to questions as soon as I see them.

Thank you