Lightweight Tool - KeePass

Discussion created by Nicolas.Sanzana-CAChile Employee on Apr 20, 2013
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Hi Guys,

Yesterday I talked with a colleague and he recommend me the following open source tool named 'KeePass' (a keystore of all our environments with username and password).

This software is very useful for store all our password of many environments, in the software you can defines your own shortcut and this way the software auto-complete information in Clarity environment (user / pass).

You can defne short cut in the following path
Tools-->Options-->Auto type selected entry: CTRL + K (in my case)

For add new environments click in add entry

When you open customer environment in your browser, go to KeePass software, click in the record with customer environment, and then go to your browser, click on in username field, type CTRL + K (in my case) and automatically all information is completed.

Is vey useful tool, because remember all password is a work hard.

I don't find other place where share with you this free tool