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APM Config Export/Import - Old version to 9.1.x

Question asked by Bob_Lomax_UK on Apr 22, 2013
Latest reply on May 13, 2013 by Hiko_Davis
Hi all,

I'm trying to export config/transaction setup data from an older UNIX based Wily installation (v4.0.0.24) to a new APM CEM 9.1.x solution on Windows.

The export went OK via the old system GUI.

Importing however seems to be a convoluted and painful process via the command-line.
After 4/5 attempts getting random error messages (that I've traced to parameter issues, and undocumented ones at that!), I've now got the more meaningful message that:-

"4/18/13 06:26:16.676 PM BST [ERROR] [main] [root] [ConfigImport] - Pre APM (5.0) Config import is not supported on Windows
com.timestock.common.exceptions.TsException: Pre APM (5.0)Config import is not s upported on Windows
at com.wily.apm.dbtools.importexport.ConfigImport.importConfig(
at com.wily.apm.dbtools.importexport.ConfigImport.main("

OK so I have a pre-v5 APM export from UNIX, but I have lots of lovely configuration, transaction definition and specification information that I'd like to get into my new Windows based APM...

Any advice, work-arounds, utilities, etc. etc.?

Many thanks in advance.

Fujitsu UK.