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Connecting to RemedyITSM

Question asked by BillyKuo on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by Andy_Thompson
It's the first time using ProcessAutomation and now I encounter a connection problem

The project is integrating SOI and BMC Remedy by using PAM to create tickets.
I've already followed the "Integrating with BMC Remedy" from the SOI_ImpGuide but still can't connect to Remedy

I follow the step to do the "RemedyITSMConfiguration" then do the "TestRemedyServerConnection" under 〈User Requests〉
"RemedyITSMConfiguration" showed "Completed" but "TestRemedyServerConnection" showed "Failed"

Then I checked the result on 〈Default Process Watch〉and the error message are shown below:
〈remedyEmailSubject〉SAM-Remedy Gateway failure - Error connecting to Remedy Server WebServices
〈remedyEmailMessage〉Remedy WebService [ITPAM_HPD_WorkLog_WS] is unreachable as User [CAsoi]

Does anyone know how to fix this problem??