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How to uninstall XDM

Question asked by clarity2689 on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by MichaelVonBrunak
Hi All,

We have recently upgraded from v12.0.6 to v13.1. We recevied a Login error for which i have raised a seperate theard.

There was a suggestion in the thread to perform the following steps:

From you \%Clarity_Home%\bin folder, run the following commands:
nikuadmin xdm install
nikuadmin xdm all
nikuadmin xdm validate
niku stop app
niku stop bg
niku add deploy app
niku add deploy bg
niku start app
niku start bg

Even after this we are facing the similar issue. for which i have raised CA case.

But now the real problem we are facing is that the BG is not stable, when ever we initiate a process it is not starting immediately, we have to restart the services everytime. We are suspecting it is because of XDM install.

Now can anyone tell me how to uninstall the XDM .