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Using Action - Shell Command to do corrective actions

Question asked by bwcole on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by Hiko_Davis
After reading the "Creating a Shell Command Action" section in the APM Workstation User guide there is no mention of limitations or possible side-effects of the shell script running long, failures within the script and how that impacts the EM-MOM.

We are looking into using the Shell Command Action to call to a shell script that will execute a corrective action (restart a process, start a stopped process, capture/clean/send information/restart process). With my limited experince there seems to be a very broad range of possible issues with trying to use the simple Shell Command Action to do far more than simple notifications.

1. Logging of the script being called
2. Logging of the scripts return (if possible)
3. Remote script invocation
a. from linux - linux
b. from linux - windows
Would it be possible to communicate from the MOM to the epagent to have the epagent make a call on the remote system?

4. Constraints
a. The script will run as the process owner of the Enterprise Manager (MOM) that is invoking the script
b. If the script fails, the EM does not have a way to react to the script failure
c. If the script takes <too long> the EM-MOM will ??
d. The EM-MOM does not record any script return values since it appears to be a single-direction interaction

If anyone has attempted to build, define, design or use the Shell Command Action for corrective action scripting, really need some advice on lesson learned, things to avoid, what did work or if we should adapter over to a script hosting software like CA-7.

Thanks in advance,

Billy Cole