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CA IdenityMinder "Installation Error"

Question asked by jschristiein on Apr 24, 2013
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I have situation where i am not able to install CA IDM 12.6 SP1.

I had initially installed CA IDM, CA SiteMinder with CA Directory, MS SQL2012 and ADAM. However i ran into issues with the domain naming after i installed AD DS, therefore i uninstalled everything from my server and reinstalled CA SM, CA DIR, MS SQL 2012 and ADAM. But now when i am trying to install CA IDM, i am not able to install. I get an error Saying "Installation Error".. An earlier version of CA Identity Minder( is found, but not able to locate the installer. Please uninstall previous version of CA IdentityMinder and rerun the installer.

Steps i have performed:

1. Searched through the registry to find for key CA IdentityMinder and IdentityManager. - no go
2. removed all the schemas related to CA IDM - no go
3. used ccleaner to find the unattended keys - no go.
4. Searched for install-config-info folder and deleted .com.zerog.registry.xml, but that is created only when i get the error and click on exit.

I require help here to over come this issue. Please help.

Does CA have any uninstaller tool to remove the keys. Cause IDM installer does find it while running the initial search while begining to install. Please help!!

And its very urgent.. as i am in the middle of a POC..