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Discussion created by vijra04 on Apr 24, 2013
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Dear Clarity GUC, you may have seen my tweets from the @CAClarity twitter handle; occasionally I have included @clarityguc in my tweets to let you guys know that I'm thinking of you.

Allow me to briefly introduce myself -- My name is Raj Vij and I am the Social Media "Dude" on the Clarity PPM Marketing team.

For those of you who are already following our Twitter handle, you have likely seen a torrent of #CAWorld related tweets coming this week. Don't worry - they will slow down starting tomorrow!

I wanted to provide info about Richard Branson's keynote, the GooGoo Dolls' performance, CA Clarity PPM sessions and panels, as well as info for attendees on where our PPM booths actually were located at Mandalay Bay.

For those who were not able to visit CAWorld, but would like to view recorded keynotes and sessions, feel free to follow us on Twitter at Mention my name in the tweet and I'll shoot you the links to all the good things that are currently happening at CAWorld.

...and if ever you have CA Clarity PPM-specific questions (such as our new CA Clarity Playbook app),shoot me a tweet or Direct Message via Twitter and I or someone on my team will get you that info.

Thank you for allowing me to write this post, and for those of you who read it.

Helping each other gain "Clarity,"



p.s. a special thank you to Chris Hackett for allowing me to introduce myself!