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Report not Opening

Question asked by paritosh.hebbal on Apr 25, 2013
Latest reply on May 3, 2013 by paritosh.hebbal

I have a Summary report which was built using a stored procedure, in Crystal Reports 2008. The report consists of one drill-down and one linking to another subreport.
After deploying this in Clarity v13.1, I tried opening it. It gave the following error:
RPT-0007: Specified report did not execute properly.
Going in to BO (XI, R 3.1) I tried viewing the same report. It gave this error:
Your request could not be completed because a failure occurred while the report was being processed. Please contact your system administrator. [RCIRAS0546]
At first I thought I was making a mistake in linking the subreport. Because this is the only report we are deploying with a subreport. The others are working just fine.
But this one is working fine in Crystal.

Does anyone know how to go about resolving it?