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Project document manager will not let my PM  upload docs to their projects

Question asked by JoanKelley4209671 on Apr 25, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by Ruthann Spencer
I have a new PM with a new PM security group set to see the projects on their OBS only.

When the PM creates their project they see the collaboration tab but has no rights to upload documents.

I have a lot of PMs in other sec groups who add new projects and it automatically gives that PM the right to add documents.

There doesn't seem to be specific right to upload documents. Their is a right to called Project View Documents in the OBS area. I added this right for this PM so she could see the collaboration tab (it did not show until I added) but when she clicks on the collaboration tab it has no option to add documents.

Does anyone understand under which rights or circumstance a PM can automatically upload documents? The PMs in my org who get this auto right have nothing different than my new PM who does not get it.

Anyone else have this issue?