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Change Time Reporting Periods

Question asked by CindyK on Apr 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 8, 2013 by CindyK
We are currently on weekly timereporting period M-S. We need to be able to close out every month. Is it better to change our timesheets to Monthly and end on the last day of the calendar month or split out the timesheets - for instance, the week of 4/29 could have 2 timesheets - one for 4/29 - 4/30, then 5/1-5/5?

A monthly timesheet is OK with finance; however, the managers are concerned with management of once a month timesheets vs. weekly. For instance, would staff really remember everything they were working on if they only report once a month.

If we do change our time reporting periods to monthly, what other items may we need to change in Clarity?