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Automating Status box on General page using connector Micro Soft Project

Question asked by stevend2959 on May 1, 2013
Latest reply on May 1, 2013 by Dave
I'm posting this message in hopes that I can get a few ideas or at least get some direction to solving our problem here in the Project management Office(PMO). Any feedback I receive will be greatly appreciated.

Here in the PMO we are trying to track the progress of our 70 plus projects through the SDLC process for our project managers. Our SDLC process stages includes Strategy, Project Initiation, Design and Development and Transition.
Currently, we have no way to accurately determine what stage a project is in relative to the SDLC process. We currently depend on the project managers to update/progress the project stage and or project gate. Of course we are not getting the correct status. When we run our reports for the CIO, he does not get an correct status of what phase the project is in. Below is one of the solutions we are considering to resolve this problem.

As an idea, for open projects that have been approved and are active in the Clarity system. The project managers also use the Micro Soft Project(MSP) schedule in Clarity to track, add resources, identify milestones and completed tasks. The MSP schedule is usually kept up to date and is accurate via the schedule dates. We are trying use the MSP dates to automate updating the project stages(i.e Strategy, Project Initiation, Design and Development and Transition) in Clarity for each of our projects. If anyone needs additional information for clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.


Steven D.