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Relative values in fields within Filters and Views

Question asked by Lars-Goran on May 2, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2015 by Lars-Goran

I would like to be able to use relative values (i.e. related to the person logged in) in fields within Filters, Create Views and Edit Views (and maybe more?).


1. When we generate a New Idea we want to set the Resource Manager of the Requestor as Manager for the Idea. Since Clarity know who is the Resource Manager, I think it should be possible to set the Resource Manager as a default value in the Manager field of an idea, instead of manually choose the name of the actual Resource Manager. The default filter value could be "My Resource Manager".

2. When someone filters a Project List, it is possible to filter on Investment OBS, but you have to actively choose the Investment OBS. We want to be able to set a relative default Investment OBS based on the person logged in. The default filter value could be "My Department".

This could be extended to default values such as "My Self" in the Resource ID field, "Project Managers within my department" in the Manager field, "People I work wih" in the Resource ID field, and so on.

Is it possible to use relative values as described above, or similar?