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Some question around User Interaction

Question asked by alexander.dolezal on May 2, 2013
Latest reply on May 7, 2013 by Tom_Kouhsari

I am Alex Dolezal from Austria Vienna, I hope my english is not to bad.

I have designed a business workflow in PAM with different User Interaction Forms for the different steps and an Overview, I call it Master User Interaction which gives access to all parameters.

The following things are missing in my know how to complete this:

1. Cancelling an User Interaction with process

If Person A is completing the Step with "Master User Interaction "(setting Parameter to True) the Waiting Condition goes forward and another User Interaction should be canceled. I have tried with "stop link", but it does'nt work.

2. Refreshing User Interaction with process

There is a "Master User Interaction" which contains all parameters. It is infinite looping.
But if a parameter is changed due another User Interaction the Master User Interaction has the old value. Is there a way to push it? Or also canceling, than the loop restarts it.

3. Dynmaic Assignee

Some User Interaction should get assigned with variables. Is that possible? Thats something I could not test until yet, because my EEM is not working in the moment.

4. Knowing that a form has been opened

To prevent that 2 people contains User Interactions which have access to the same paramter, is it possible to check if a User Interaction is opend, so that I can do something with this information?

Thanks for helping