How the get OLQ to use MA Via Index

Discussion created by JBM1 on May 2, 2013
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Bear with me as I am FAR from an OLQ expert. It would seem that if a CA-IDMS record was stored Via an SR7-owned index, that when a query was formulated using the high-order key field in the index, OLQ would use the index to get right to that key range. Once again, we appear to be "missing something". More details:

1) A large database area containing a single record type, stored Via a system-owned index set in its own area, duplicates not allowed. Quite like a VSAM KSDS.
2) Key consists of four contiguous columns - total length of 27 bytes, Ascending order, duplicates not allowed.
3) Declared key in schema is a "Group Item" that contains the 4 subordinate key fields
4) At OLQ menu selection screen, this "Group Item" has an asterisk next to it but none of the subordinate key fields have an asterisk.

Entering an EQ selection value only for the high-order [1st key field] , results in an area sweep. Is there some way we can get OLQ to recognize that we want to use the index on a partial key query?

Thanks so much