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TIM on RHEL Virtual Machine - Virtual Switch

Question asked by Bob_Lomax_UK on May 3, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by Hiko_Davis
Hi all,

My new APM 9.1.1 solution has hit a snag with TIM capture from SPAN/mirror traffic.

The TIM is on an RHEL virtual machine on VMware vSphere 5. The infrastructure/network guy is asking me how to configure the TIM mirror/SPAN port in this solution, but it is beyond my previous experience.
I believe the switch is virtual inside vSphere and something needs to be done to map a NIC and set it appropriately to catch the mirror/SPAN traffic.
Right now I get some traffic on Eth1 in the TIM, but none of it appears to be my expected application traffic. I suppose it could be management traffic or internal chatter.

Is there a good practice guide or step-by-step advice to configuring TIM networking WITH VMWare virtual switches?
I already have the 'TIM Network Connection Readiness Guide 1_5' document and this doesn't help that much.

Thanks in advance!

Fujitsu UK