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InfoView and Webi reports using Win7 and IE9

Question asked by eabollinger on May 3, 2013
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I am sure other Webi users, having migrated to Win7 and IE9 have come across this issue, so my time to post several questions looking for suggestions and guidance. Using existing WindowsXP and IE8 all Webi reports work fine. Now are users are getting upgraded to Win7 with IE9 as the standard company OS and browser.

General parameters:
InfoView Web 3.1, standard CA and custom BO universes, Clarity 04 0012.
InfoView Preferences: Web Intelligence >> Interactive mode

Question: With Win7 and IE9, what options exist for creating Webi reports. If the basic Interactive Mode is used, user get an error when trying to create a new Web Intelligence Document: HTTP Status 400 - Invalid path / AnalyticalReporting/WebiCreate was requested. (Seems on the web this has to do with InfoView (and hence Webi 3.1) not being able to properly construct a correct internal URL behind the scenes due to how Win7 and IE9 works). Has anyone found a way around this particular issue, as the SAP and BO boards indicate Webi 4.0 would be needed to work with IE9?

Question: With Win7 and IE9, has anyone tried the Preferences >> Web Intelligence >> Desktop mode? This may not be an option as this requires a local install of the Web Intelligence Rich Client, which typically requires local admin access (which we typically don't allow). So the question is, does this method work, and if so, how is the install being handled, as the .exe will probably need to be installed in some compatibility mode (as in XP, Win7 etc). Looking for some advice here.

Firefox version 13 or version 20.

Observation and Question: InfoView >> Preferences >> Web Intelligence >> Interactive Mode (for creating new reports). This works to a degree, but the query filter fields basically do not work. Putting all the fields into the main report, then using simple report filtering does not provide much flexibility, particular around date ranges. Any thoughts on this?

Question: InfoView >> Preferences >> Web Intelligence >> Desktop (Web Intelligence Rich Client) mode to create a report. Same question as per Win7 and IE9, does this work, but again, we are faced with running an install to use FireFox, which is generally not a supported browser in our company, but can be used with limited support.

Observation and Question: InfoView >> Preferences >> Web Intelligence >> Web Accessibility (508 Compliant) mode to create a report. Generally seems to work, but have noticed once a query is built, and filters are provided, once the report is generated, if placed back in to Edit mode, the Query Filter is almost useless, meaning it is rendered in such a manner that the fields are not presented to allow a user to change or modify the values.

Thanks for any and all suggestions and comments.