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Upgrade from 12.1.2 to 13.1 error

Question asked by rcooperm on May 3, 2013
Latest reply on May 6, 2013 by another_martink
Hi Guys,

This corresponds to , but a little different:

In the above thread I tried to upgrade from 12.1.2 fresh installation, without data, only global rights to 'Administrator - Niku' resource to 13.1 - In this issue I don't uninstall Java 1.6 correponds to 12.1.2 installation, I installed Java 1.7 required for 13.1 in another folder, and then only modified environment variables.

On this occasion I uninstalled java 1.6, once uninstalled, restart machine, and then I installed correctly Java 1.7 (the version that comes with media), but the errors continues ...

Check all screenshots attached please

1 - Any idea?